Managing Your Online Reputation Pt. 1

We just saved a ton of time with our Reputation Management tool. It’s so amazing that we couldn’t wait to tell you all about it and how much it can help you with your business’s online reputation.

When moving to a new location it’s hard enough worrying about moving your entire office and also informing your customers of your move. That’s where our Reputation Management tool came in handy and saved us hours of time.

As you may know, we moved from our old location on North Foster Street to East Troy Street at the end of August. There are thousands of listing sites that house our business information. Taking the time before, during and after our move to update our information would have taken so much of our time and energy away from our focus.

So, we took advantage of this tool by using it to update our address directly to all of our online listings. All we had to do was add our new address to our profile and reputation management goes through all of the different listing websites and updates the address automatically.

We didn’t have to spend time going to each listing and updating each one individually.  Interested in learning more about Reputation Management? Give us a call at 334-446-6149 or check out our products page


Posted: Nov 01, 2018