Think Local, Think Big

Just because you are a local business, doesn’t mean you can’t compete with the larger franchises in your area. Local marketing has become more accurate and more tailored toward the local customer. Local marketing takes the best pieces of local media and digital marketing tools to tailor to the needs of the surrounding community.

In a previous blog, the Small Business Owners Guide to Digital Marketing, we discussed how many business owners lean towards more traditional media in local markets. As we move towards the future the conversation about businesses begin online. It is important to cultivate sales through traditional media, but digital tactics are improving how small businesses interact with their community and customers.

Traditional Media

Traditional advertising has been impacted by digital and mobile advertising. Businesses are moving away from traditional media and driving a ‘mobile first’ mentality. In order to adapt, traditional media companies are moving into the digital realm and adjusting the way they help businesses reach their customers. Outdoor advertising companies are adding digital billboards to their arsenal and newspapers are moving all of their content online. Even if things are moving to digital, traditional media is still a viable option for local businesses. Having a good mix of traditional and digital advertising is key to the success of a marketing campaign.

Strengths of Local Marketing

Local businesses are making sure that they can keep up with the corporate franchises in the area by competing with corporate marketing tactics. These corporate franchises use aggressive digital marketing strategies that target a broad audience. They don’t consider the local consumer mentality when searching for businesses online. The local audience is overlooked in these broader campaigns, which is where local businesses find their niche audience.

Area Specific Tactics

Local businesses can have just as much success in their area in comparison to these corporate franchises due to the accuracy of digital marketing. Targeting tools allow local businesses to target the potential customer that is within driving distance of their location. These tools help local businesses find out who their audience is, where they are and what they are interested in buying. We address the Key Marketing Tactics That Every Business Owner Should Know in a previous blog post. We dive into the specifics that make a marketing campaign successful for a local business.

Using Social Media

One of the most powerful tools to local businesses is social media. Social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have filter features that can be added to stories to highlight a local business. Targeting tools are so accurate that you can pinpoint an individual that lives within 20 miles of your location, has a family of 4 and enjoys exploring. This individual would be a perfect match to a local ice cream restaurant.

Posted: Mar 06, 2019