Creating Effective Email Marketing Newsletters

Email remains one of the most powerful ways of communication for a business to engage with its current and potential clients. Even though social media can help distribute information about your company to a general audience, it struggles to make a personal connection with those reading the information presented. However, email is forty times more effective at acquiring new customers vs. Facebook or Twitter (Rijn, Jordie). These results could correlate because of how personalized E-newsletters are and how it resonates with your clients. Here are ten tips for email marketing newsletters to help maintain successful e-newsletter campaigns. 

DO know your clients:

Before you begin, make sure you know who you are targeting. Segment your client list to target a specific set of people is essential when sending out personalized e-newsletters.


DO NOT Use vague subject lines: 

Creating a vague subject line will leave your clients confused and lead them to believe that your email is spam. To make a compelling subject line, you need to have a short to the point subject line that also targets that person enough to make them interested.  


DO create a catchy subject line:

People get bombarded with hundreds of emails per day at work. What is going to make someone stop and read the email you have sent as opposed to putting it in the trash like every other email? You need a good hook to get them started, and you want to entice your clients to read all the information that you have for them. This begins with a catchy subject line to ensure they will click on your email. 


DO NOT Write a novel:

No one has the time to sit through and read a book in the middle of a workday! Make your content short, sweet, and to the point. You want to grasp their attention and keep it. Compiling too much information into an e-newsletter is overwhelming to the reader, and most likely, they will be tempted to put your email in the trash. 

DO Make content engaging:

Keep it clear, concise, and easy to read. Make sure that the layout is appeasing and broken down so that your clients can scan the information with ease. Add images if possible and try to make the flow an easy to follow along with an email.

DO NOT Send out a generic email:

Snooze alert! With all the thousands of emails that clients receive each day what is going to make you stand out among the rest? A generic email will not help you accomplish that. Make sure that your content is engaging, personalized and ensuring your clients are reading the information that you need them to

 DO Make it mobile-friendly:

According to, nearly half (49.1%) of all emails read on mobile devices throughout the world. With today’s smart smartphones, it has become easier to open and reply to emails on your phone. It is crucial to make sure that your copy can read on both desktop and mobile.

DO end with a call to action:

As good practice for any webpage, the email should have a call to action that is clear about what you want your clients to do. Whether it’s following a link, downloading a white page or reading a blog article. You must be guiding your client as to what you need from them and the purpose for you to reach out. 

 DO NOT Send without a test first:

It’s always necessary to send out a test run email. By sending out a test email to yourself first, you can double-check to see if all links attached are working correctly and that the format is displaying accurately. It is also essential to catch any typos mistakes before finalizing what you have and sending it out for others to read. 

DO NOT Ignore your results:

Almost all email tools have statistics available that can track any email that sent. Make sure to check all of the stats on click-through rate, bounce rate, open rate, etc. Take that data and analyze the results of each email to see how well you are performing and how to improve your email newsletter marketing. 


Email newsletters can be a fantastic way to communicate with your clients about all of the tremendous things happening currently within your company. It is an easy and effective way to connect with clients and reach a broad audience in a unique and personalized way. Make sure to follow these tips and you will be setting your future campaign up for success.  


Posted: Aug 19, 2019