Business Action Plan

Now, more than ever, people are making the push towards digital mediums in business. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, local companies are making sure that they can still interact with their customers on a daily basis. One of the best ways to seek this is through a digital platform, and it’s essential to have a plan to go along with it. We have compiled a general action plan that businesses should put in place for their digital marketing strategies.


Show Customers You’re Prepared

Creating content that is relevant in current times is crucial. You don’t want to ignore what is happening in the world or provide misinformation. However, when things get tough, you want to show your customers how you, as a business, are prepared to adjust accordingly. This helps to validate trust. Make a plan and put it in action. Show your customers you are ready to shift things around but are still there for them. 

Connect With Customers

Marketing is about sharing stories with others and building a connection with them. There are many ways to go about doing this, but it is crucial to communicate with your customers. Ask them questions and respond back to let them know your listening. Show them how your company is coping with the current outbreak. Remind them that we’re all in this together. 

Send Out a Coronavirus Notice.

All businesses need to have a proper COVID-19 notice sent out to their customers, informing them about their business response. Showing customers that you care about them and their health is a great relationship builder. Make sure your notice is personalized and remind customers that although you’re physically not in the office, you are still operating and open for business. 

Go Live!

Alerting your customers with an initial COVID-19 notice sparks the beginning of an ongoing dialogue that you must create to stay relevant. It’s essential to demonstrate that you are living up to the promise you have given your customers. One of the best ways to show them is by having interactions and what better way to interact then going live social media. This way, you are answering questions in real-time and are having genuine interactions with your customers. 

Stay Informed

There is a constant influx of information that is continuously circulating the COVID-19 outbreak and the ongoing changing state of our nation. Make sure your company is well informed with all the correct information so you can plan accordingly and act appropriately. Staying informed is good business practice and should be heavily enforced during this time.  


Although there is a lot of uncertainty during these tough times, the reality of moving your business online is an excellent way to still stay connected with your customers and can be a real game-changer in the long run. Get started with us today and we can help your business thrive online. For all general inquiries, please email us at or call (334)790-9785. 


Posted: Apr 05, 2020