Suited Aces Entertainment 

Logo Design

Suited Aces Entertainment, LLC is a casino party company located in Dothan, Alabama, that provides casino-style entertainment to the Wiregrass area. They offer a variety of casino themed parties that give a unique and exciting experience for party guests. Suited Aces partnered with PushCrankPress to develop an icon representing their professional casino style business that left people wanting to know more about it. 

Our Approach

We knew that we wanted to create an exclusive logo that represented this unique entertainment business. We began this process by getting to know them as a business. We came to understand that their name refers to an inside joke among casino pit bosses that describes an untrustworthy player. From this insight, our creative team came up with the concept of interpreting a casino chip and the face of an ace playing card. This logo represents their company well and allows them to brand their business for years to come. 

Final Product 

After creating the logo, we were able to help Suited Aces Entertainment order customized business cards, a step and repeat banner and other various branded merchandise. This gives them a stronger brand identity that allows them to stand out in the entertainment business. In addition to this campaign’s overall success, PushCrankPress was awarded a Gold American Advertising Award at the local American Advertising Awards in the Logo Design category. 

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Suited Aces to help give their business the brand identity that would leave a lasting impression on their customers. If you are interested in a Brand New Idea for your business, give us a call at 334.446.6149.

Posted: Sep 24, 2020