The Rules To Creativity

Although there are technically no rules for creativity, we did come up with a few ideas to help you stay on track when it comes to creativity for your overall company’s success.  

Know The Boundaries

Working within a boundary is helpful when working creatively. Like keeping a kid inside a sandbox, it allows you to have full creative freedom within certain limitations. Once you are aware of the boundaries, it’s easier to have better creative ideas and succeed. If you spend too much time outside of specific parameters, you can get completely lost from your goal, which will leave you frustrated. 

Inspiration Can Strike From Anywhere At Anytime

Take time to have brainstorming sessions, look at other work for inspiration, play a creative card game, read a book, etc. Wherever inspiration comes from, take the time to break up ideas and put them back together. Exercise different techniques and explore different avenues that can ultimately lead to successful ideas. 

Find The Core 

It can become easy to get caught in the inspiration process for many reasons, but you can get to the strong core ideas once you cut out all of the unnecessary fluff. Use the Kiss method (Keep it Simple Stupid). You can narrow down your creative ventures to a small selection to choose from, making your vision for your goal much clearer. 

Make A Decision 

When it comes to creative work, it’s important not to overthink. Creative work is about doing. So don’t be afraid to make a decision and run with it. By the end of your creative process, you should have a clear and concise picture that others can genuinely connect with on an emotional level.   


Every creative project is an experiment, so don’t be afraid to go through the process. Try something new and explore all the different paths. If you would like to learn more about creating Brand New Ideas, give us a call at 334-446-6149.

Posted: Mar 26, 2021