Social Media Trends & Your Business

When your social media feed is flooded with new memes and trends, it can be tempting to have your brand jump on the bandwagon. It can be funny to see a brand account contribute to an online conversation, but sometimes participating isn’t beneficial for your company or its mission. Before you post on behalf of your brand, take the following thoughts into consideration.

Don’t Just Add to the Noise

The life cycle of a social media trend is short —  sometimes just 24 hours. If you post after the novelty has worn off, it can come off as being seriously late to the party. Not to mention, if you’re not one of the first few brands to participate, your contribution to the conversation may seem redundant and people will scroll right past. If your brand wants to jump in on a trend, check to see if your post would be memorable or simply lost between dozens of other similar posts.

Does It Make Sense For Your Brand?

Chiming in on a social media trend just to “do it” doesn’t always work. Sometimes popular memes have nothing to do with your brand, products, or services… and people on social media aren’t afraid to call you out for it. Keep an eye on your feed and take advantage of trends that relate to your brand. If your company is in the fashion industry and a current trend is about food, it might not make sense for you to tweet about it. Wait it out and it’s likely that a trend your brand can relate to will circle the internet.

Will Your Target Audience See It?

One of the most important things to think about when considering participating in a social media trend is this: will your audience even see it? Different trends appeal to different people, and your brand might not want to worry about joining a trend if the general concept isn’t what appeals to your target audience. 


This advice applies to making accounts on new social media platforms as well. New apps pop up frequently and there can be pressure to make an account for your brand. Do research into your target audience’s habits. If your desired audience doesn’t use the app you’re considering, posting on it could be a waste of time and resources.


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Posted: May 05, 2021