3 Reasons You Should Build Relationships With Your Customers

Marketing has gone through many different phases since the practice started, from product-oriented marketing to sales-oriented marketing. Now, marketers practice consumer-oriented marketing where the consumer drives the strategy. A brand doesn’t just promote a product, but includes the consumer in the process and works to build a relationship with them. Relationship-building has lots of benefits, but here are the top three that you should consider.

1: It builds customer loyalty

People love to feel valued — and customers of your brand are no exception. If a customer loves a brand, they’ll appreciate feeling like the brand loves them back. Feeling noticed and valued as a customer makes them more likely to become repeat customers and spend more on your products or services in the future. Many companies make the mistake of focusing all their efforts on gaining new customers rather than engaging with their already loyal customers when sometimes the “old” customers can prove more valuable for the future.

2: It encourages consumer advocacy

A loyal customer naturally becomes a brand advocate. Once a consumer loves your brand, they’ll want to promote it to others. If you can secure a loyal customer, there is a decent chance that they will lead to new potential buyers. This is very valuable, especially considering that 81% of customers trust advice from family & friends over advice from a business (Hubspot Research).

3: Customer feedback improves the brand

If you have a relationship with your customers, they’ll be more likely to provide feedback on products, services and communication. This feedback is helpful when it comes to making future improvements. Not only will these suggestions help improve your company’s products or services, but customer reviews are a great asset to display on a website to encourage new potential customers to commit to purchasing from your brand.

There are many ways that your brand can work to build strong relationships with your customers. Give us a call at 334.446.6149 to find out more!

Posted: Aug 02, 2021