Gen Z Social Media & Dating Apps

As many marketers continue to shift their strategies and refocus on what will help bring their businesses success, they have begun to turn their attention toward Generation Z. And rightfully so since Gen Z now represents 40% of global consumers. Taking a deeper look at this generation, their online socializing and dating behaviors and everything else associated with Gen-Zers have grown up in an era of social media where online personas and those in real life are often vastly different.  

When dating apps first entered the scene, the search for transparency was amplified as compared to the traditional social media realm. Gen-Zers use dating apps to find friends and partners and ironically turn to social platforms to peek behind the curtain and verify the lifestyles of potential matches. The line between dating apps and social media is much more blurred as a result. Gen Z views Instagram and Snapchat as avenues to further explore and evaluate potential matches that might start on dating apps. Conversions might be flooded between the two realms or eventually graduate to their social app of choice. Marketers should be prepared for the inevitable blurring of dating and social apps for Generation Z. 

Think Social When You Think Dating 

Because of the blurred lines between dating and social platforms, brands should consider dating apps as a part of their social marketing strategy. This could look like a paid presence on a popular dating app for example. Social marketers need to consider dating apps as part of their area of focus. 

Snapchat and Instagram 

“Can I get your Snap or IG?” has become a common phrase among Gen-Zers.  Understanding the user movement among social and dating apps is key to a deeper understanding. The majority of the crossover will be found within these two apps. 

Look for Dating Features in Social

It’s only natural that the cross-pollination of social and dating apps will lead to features and innovation in the traditional social world (and the other way around.) The introduction of multimedia into profiles and in particular voice memos, voice prompts and video is more popular than ever as communication tools.  

Please Don’t Stop the Music 

Generation Z is obsessed with music. In the dating world, taste in music is often a key evaluation of personality type, values and mutual fit. The same is true for relationships with Gen Z customers. Communicate your brand personality through music curating a deeper connection with your Gen Z audience, especially on social media. There is a lot of nuance in the Gen Z dating world. If you only bring back one takeaway, it’s that dating is a high-pressure activity, so empathy is a must and you begin integrating dating apps into your channel mix. 

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Posted: Jul 14, 2022