A Legacy of Family & Freight: Summerford Rebrand

Summerford is a family-owned transportation company with a rich history from its humble beginnings. The company’s journey began when Joe Summerford, at the ripe age of 15, traded his beloved bird dog for his very first truck. From those modest origins, Summerford has evolved into a 95-year old diversified transportation giant with divisions catering to various freight needs. With great-grandson and President J.J. Clemmons leading the way, the company is on a path of continuous growth and expansion.


Despite its impressive history and commitment to quality service, Summerford recognized the need to modernize and maintain a cohesive brand image. The company wanted to better connect with today’s drivers, emphasize its family-oriented solid values, and highlight its expanding range of services to include logistics and leasing, leading PushCrankPress to call for a comprehensive rebranding effort.

Our Process

Deep Dive Research & Interviews:

Beyond mere surface-level analysis, we delved deep into Summerford’s history, ethos, and core target audience. We orchestrated exhaustive interviews with team members, from drivers to executive leadership, understanding their aspirations for the brand. Furthermore, a series of focused group discussions and surveys with potential and existing clients provided us with invaluable insights.

Crafting Buyer Personas:

Using the amassed data, we sculpted detailed buyer personas. From “Long-Haul Larry”, the seasoned driver valuing stability, to “Logistics Laura”, the supply chain manager seeking reliability, these personas directed our branding strategy.

Logo Transformation:

The redesigned logo, while honoring the fabled bird-dog origin, also embodies progress and innovation—perfectly representing Summerford’s tradition-meets-modernity ethos.

Refreshed Collateral Materials:

Beyond just a visual change, the revamped business cards. letterhead and additional collateral became symbols of Summerford’s rejuvenated commitment to excellence.

Storytelling & Messaging:

The story of family, ambition, and unwavering commitment was narrated, emphasizing the journey from a singular truck to an industry stalwart.

Digital Facelift:

In the digital age, a company’s online footprint is paramount. Summerford’s website underwent a comprehensive redesign, focusing on user experience, while their social media now echoes their brand story, ensuring digital consistency.

Robust Marketing Strategy:

Leveraging the power of their rich history, a content strategy was crafted. Social media campaigns celebrating their legacy while showcasing short videos telling the Summerford story. We captured first hand accounts from grandfather John Summerford as well as grandson and current president, J.J. Clemmons. We also emphasized their commitment to drivers attracting new talent via digital advertising. 

Summerford has always been a driving force in the community, giving back to the Wiregrass area that they call home. We rolled the new branding out to coincide with the 10-day National Peanut Festival, securing the title sponsor of the National Peanut Festival parade through WTVY and sponsoring a Premium Exhibit Building at the fairgrounds. We incorporated an original 50’s and 60’s model Summerford truck for photo ops during fair week to commemorate their dedication for over 95 years. To introduce the new branding to customers and employees, we created various Christmas gifts to include custom Benchmade Bugout Knives, Yeti Cups, Stickers, Koozies, Phone Chargers, Grizzly Coolers, Hats, Apparel and much more.


Our collaboration was more than just a rebrand—it was a brand rebirth.

Increased Engagement

Their social media engagement soared as their audience resonated with the heartwarming story and updated branding. Digital Advertising engagement increased and their customer base was blown away with the origins of the business that they were unaware of.

Driver Recruitment Surge

The rebrand attracted new drivers and owner-operators, expanding their team to meet the growing service demand. It also allowed for the addition of Summerford’s Leasing Division which launched in December 2023.

Elevated Brand Position

Summerford’s reputation was not just restored but magnified—positioning them perfectly for future growth trajectories.

Our strategic branding approach at PushCrankPress successfully rejuvenated Summerford’s brand image. This branding overhaul broadened their audience reach and attracted fresh talent, ensuring the continuation of their legacy of excellence in the transportation industry. Through the strength of purposeful branding, we transformed this business and prepared Summerford for future challenges. To learn more about our marketing and design services or for a Brand New Idea, give us a call at 334.446.6149.

Posted: Jan 24, 2024