Brand Voice & Online Reputation

Your customers’ voice is more powerful than you think and it can either make or break your brand’s image. Today, online shopping, review sites and direct web searches have turned the portrayal of a brand into the consumer’s hands. A once established brand voice can have a shift in tone from one negative review. Keep your brand voice consistent and maintain your online reputation with good customer service, transparency and a distinguishing factor that separates your brand from the competition.


What is Brand Voice?

The brand voice or tone of your brand can be described as the way in which you portray your brand in a written or spoken way. Über is a very professional and serious brand whereas Lyft is very upbeat and caters to a younger crowd. What is your brand voice? If your business were at a party would it be making mad moves on the dance floor or admire the fern in the corner of the room? Determining your brand voice and sticking with it will help you manage your online interactions with customers via business listing sites, social media channels and review sites.


Customer Service Is Key

Staying consistent with your brand voice must be done across every avenue of your brand. Where ever your brand has a possibility of touching a customer or potential customer there must be an established form of communication between the customer and your brand. Be sure to educate your staff on your businesses brand voice. Make sure they know the proper way of handling positive and negative interactions between your brand and a customer. Consumers like to feel secure online and having a clearly defined strategy for interacting with these customers will bring your brand closer to that real human interaction and compassion they crave.


Be Transparent

In line with customer service is transparency between a brand and their customers. If a mistake is made on the brands part there is a duty to owning up to that mistake. Always respond to an online review even if it is negative. A customer may have had a poor experience with your brand, but there is still a chance to turn the situation around by being transparent and offering assistance in finding a solution to the situation. Turning a negative experience into a positive interaction can help distinguish you from your competition.


How can we help?

We know how hard it is to keep up with your online reputation. After all, we are a digital marketing agency. We have researched and done the work for you when it comes to marketing your brand online. Tools like, Reputation Management, Listing Builder and Customer Voice are only a few of the options that we offer that can boost your online reputation. Consider these services crucial to maintaining a concise and consistent brand voice online. Click HERE to learn more about the Digital Services that we offer.

Posted: Nov 19, 2018