Email Marketing, Say What?

The first email was sent in 1972. In 2017, there were over 3.7 billion global email users. Today this number is growing more and more each year. You utilize email to sign-up for newsletters, have private accounts, delegate banking information, etc. Email has been around for a while and isn’t going away.

Social media is one of emails biggest competitors since most platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have integrated mobile messaging with so many social networks. Even though these messenger apps are on the rise there is still one thing needed to set up these accounts, an email. This is somewhat of a semiotic relationship between messaging apps and email.

Email has been integrated into so many aspects of our online journey that it isn’t even a second thought. The average person has up to three or four email accounts. Most marketers say email is the most effective way to reach consumers, this includes younger teens. This generation is eager to use the latest/trending services online and they need an email each time to set up their account.

Professional use of email is never going away and the younger generation prefers email when communicating with businesses. This eagerness to communicate via email opens a not so new line of communication between businesses and consumers. Keep in mind that even though email is used more frequently to communicate with businesses, this doesn’t mean consumers are willing to receive a bombardment of email blasts. The emails that you send to your consumers must be relevant, useful information that they want to receive from you.

Understanding these consumer interests has never been easier. Email marketing tools like MailChimp have utilized Tags as a way to organize a subscriber list. This separates the consumers into groups of your choosing and helps you understand what content works. Sending emails that are personalized with a name can create a more desired action. This produces a more personalized email opts for more Clicks and in turn conversions.

We know how to create compelling, interactive content that will drive consumers towards becoming loyal customers. Utilizing the latest email marketing technology, we can showcase your business in a way that reaches and retains consumer interest.

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Posted: Jan 14, 2019