5 things that you might be missing in your digital marketing strategy

It takes many components to execute a successful digital marketing strategy. In order to maintain your online presence and meet the needs of your customer, you will need to create a detailed digital marketing strategy that includes the following:

1 Get on the Social Train

If your business isn’t on social media then you are behind the times. Everyone is on social media and whether you like it or not, it isn’t going anywhere. Neither is that post you made in 2016 about that one amazing meal you had on your vacation in the Keys. One thing that is guaranteed about social media is that it is growing and expanding the horizons of digital marketing and advertising. Staying on top of trends is imperative to the success of your business in the online scape.

You can’t just say your product is “Amazing” or “Fantastic” and hope that your viewers agree. Social media has given customers the ax on your business’s identity. What do you always tell your children about posting to social media? “Be careful what you post because it is going to be online FOREVER.


2 Micro Interactions

Your website is another way to interact with your online community. If your customers have a question about your services, they are going to look for your website for that information before making a phone call. Once they are on your website you have the opportunity to interact with them while they are live on your site. Setting up chatbots to identify their purchase intentions or to answer general questions create those micro-interactions that are more memorable to the online consumer.

Adding gifs to your website, including highlighted links or a video clip can add some extra finesse that keeps consumers coming back. Make sure that these micro-interactions are not intrusive on the viewers browsing cycle. You don’t want to poke them too much while they are visiting your site. For example, you don’t want to have a loud pop-up form asking them to give their email, name, and number on the first page they visit. Give them time to browse through your website before inviting them to learn more about a service you provide or sign-up for your monthly newsletter.


3 Follow Up

The one thing that business owners tend to overlook after a sale is the customer. You have set your customer up with a monthly subscription to your product and after that, there is radio silence. Let your customer know how much you appreciate their business and keep them engaged. Sending a quick “Thank you” letter from you or your team can encourage them to come back to your business in the future. This keeps things transparent between your business and it’s customers.


4 A Great Agency

You normally look for business down any avenue that seems affordable, right? If you answered yes you are in line with thousands of other small business owners. It can be hard taking time away from your business to focus on saying the right thing on a billboard or writing social media posts. That is where we come in!

We pride ourselves in being a solutions company. You have a problem and we find the solution. We know that these things take time and we know that yours is valuable. That is why we optimize every dollar you spend with our team to ensure the best results.

How are you reaching users visiting your website? Do you send them a friendly ‘Hello’ via a Chatbot? Or, do you send them a follow-up email after they have left you an online review? Streamlining these touchpoints between your business and its customers can mean the difference between a passed opportunity or a sale.

We want to help you achieve success! Every business owner wants their customers to have a positive experience with their brand. This positive experience can branch from a micro interaction on their website or it can be a positive review on their Google business page. Either way, these online avenues create a positive conversation around your brand. Contact us at 334.446.6149 to turn your online community into paying customers.

Posted: Jan 09, 2019