Gibbons Automotive Case Study

Gibbons Automotive was founded by Joe Gibbons in 2001 and is nestled in the southeastern Alabama town of Dothan. Joe’s goal was to provide honest and quality service to the good people of Dothan. The certified technicians at Gibbons Automotive follow a strict code of ethics to assure that their customers always know what to expect from them. At Gibbons Automotive, they can take care of their customer’s smallest to largest problems on foreign to domestic vehicles. The Gibbons family aims to provide the kind of care you can receive from a national automotive care center but with the personal touches of a family-owned business.


Why Did Gibbons Automotive Need PushCrankPress?

Gibbons Automotive looked to PushCrankPress to create a compelling a memorable brand for them that emulates their values of quality car care and family-oriented service model. We created their logo to incorporate a typographical style with the characteristics of a professional and trusted business that has been in the Wiregrass for close to 20 years.


Our Process

Our goal for Gibbons Automotive was to create a logo that translates across multiple mediums of print collateral, digital platforms, and a physical space. We know going in that this logo, as well as the digital aspect needed to function efficiently. From uniform design to scheduling repairs for your vehicle, it needed to be a strong mark that was a direct reflection on who they are as a business.


Final Product

The final logo for Gibbons Automotive showcases the ‘G’ in Gibbons and the ‘A’ in Automotive. This logo can function across multiple platforms and make a memorable impact on customers. For their website, we wanted it to be as functional as a car owner would want their car to be. One aspect that sets this site apart from the competition is the scheduling capabilities. Of course, Gibbons accepts walk-ins, but the planner’s needs had to be addressed.

PushCrankPress enjoyed working with Gibbons Automotive to bring them a logo that follows their quality service and family-oriented business model. We worked with our client to bring the ideals of a knowledgeable car care center to their target audience through a comprehensive and seamless logo design and website. To learn more about our design services, give us a call at 334.446.6149.

Posted: Mar 20, 2019