Tips From Our Team!

PushCrankPress is a local group of creatives that have multiple years of experience putting our customers’ businesses in front of their customers. Our team is well-versed in web development, all things digital, branding and conceptualization. We know what it takes to bring businesses, big or small, the growth, recognition, and results they desire from their audiences.

If you’re thinking about building or enhancing your brand, we wanted to share some tips for success from our team.  


Managing your time

When delegating time, our team makes sure that whatever task is at hand the time allotted is well spent. Serving as a tool-kit to our clients, we want to make sure that any time spent on client projects is spent efficiently and produces high-quality work.

Our team makes sure to be detailed in their hourly reports so our customers know where and when their dollars are being spent and they can feel confident their investment is producing value and results. We recommend managing your time outside of work this way as well. Make sure you are setting enough time aside at the end of the day to decompress after a long day of work.


You got questions, we got answers

Our web team addresses website related issues for our customers. When a client request comes in, we evaluate the technical requirements for handling the request to provide a realistic timeline to the client. This is also the time that we will ask the client to provide any information or assets that we will need in order to fulfill the request. We then get approval of the strategy, UX and designs before starting development.

When addressing a design-oriented request, our team has to remain creatively flexible to adjust to our diverse client base. This way we are always producing unique and distinct ideas for each of our clients. We know there is no one answer. One client’s design request may take more time than another’s. We make sure that we present a realistic timeline for each client that is based solely on their needs and budget. It is important that our design team takes time to gather inspiration and create mood boards that inform our approach. The team writes down their ideas and does some sketching before ultimately bringing the design to the computer. This allows us to quickly get our ideas pulled together and out on paper before spending time looking for fonts, pictures, and palettes.

The process is important to our team. We need to be able to step back from a project and consult with each other when dealing with any sort of issue that one person can’t solve alone. We aim to be a solutions agency for our clients. These refined processes help our team to be efficient, focused and creative in bringing ideas to the table.

We suggest that you adopt your own processes and strategies for sharing ideas and organizing your day. Find co-workers, family or friends you trust and feel comfortable sharing your insights with.


Staying social outside of social media

Understanding what is happening outside of our walls is important to us. We want to stay connected with our community and any organization that might need our services. Understanding Dothan and its surrounding area allow us to make powerful and meaningful messaging. Because of this spirit, the members of our teamwork internally and externally to ensure that our agency’s impact can be felt well beyond our client base.

Get involved in the Wiregrass. Be a part of community events, serve on boards, or participate in non-profit fundraisers. Make a difference outside of your organization. Be sure to share these events on social media, not just your personal profile, but your company’s as well. Having this connection will make you an affluent marketer and person.

At PushCrankPress, we do our best to be the best. We want to be your marketing tool-kit and solutions resource for your business. Call us at 334-446-6149 to start the conversation.

Posted: Mar 25, 2019