Responding to Negative Comments on Your Business Facebook Page

Every business owner’s worst nightmare is a negative comment on their business Facebook page, whether the criticism is valid or not. Unfortunately, with the internet, anyone and everyone is allowed to voice their comments and concerns. Those comments can be harmful to your business.  


Remember to remain calm.

While you may want to respond with a defense that is fired up and ready to go, it’s best to take a step back and understand that as cliche as it may sound: if you fight fire with fire… all you get is a bigger fire. It’s your job as a business owner to remain calm and try to respond with as much class and consideration as possible.


Give them your contact information and offer to speak with them directly. 

One of the best ways to handle an angry customer is to give them a place to voice their concerns. People want to have their voice heard. Providing them with the option to speak with an administrator or manager directly will make them feel appreciated. Also, moving the conversation off of your facebook helps keep everyone happy. 


Make sure that you respond promptly. 

Although you may not catch the comment right away, it is essential to respond and handle the situation before things have a chance to escalate. Being on top of your customers concerns will help diffuse the situation quicker.


Always be genuine with your response. 

Things are going to go wrong in business and people will utilize your Facebook business page to speak out. It is okay to apologize. However, the way to set yourself apart is to be genuine with customers through those mistakes. By apologizing, it can help you to connect with your customer base in a more personal way. 

Even though no one wants negative comments about their business or on social media, it is essential to act quickly and professionally when faced with these situations. These tips and tricks can only help your business to thrive and keep customers happy.

Posted: Jul 22, 2019