Successful Web Development

The Process

  1. Planning & Analysis: Everything has to begin with a plan. It starts with knowing what the clients needs are and planning accordingly. If we know the strengths and weaknesses before diving in, the project will run smoother.


  1. Webpage Design & Finalization: Once all of the information is gathered, then comes the creative planning. What type of persona will your website and brand take on? Is it easy like Sunday morning or is it more fast paced and to the point? This process helps to remove possible flaws and creates a standard to stick to for the build out. 


  1. Functionalities and Features: Once all creative web design is completed, next comes the functionalities and features. This is where the framework of the project comes in and helps to create the features that help build the website as a whole. This includes behind the scenes coding, maximizing SEO and installing additional plugins that may be needed.


  1. Testing and Bug Fixes: Then comes the testing phase. The hard work is now put to the test to see if all website functionalities work correctly. Is it mobile friendly? Do all of the pages load correctly? These are just a couple of items we look for. Then, we try to “break” the website to ensure that all bugs are fixed that may come up and everything works properly.


  1. Final Delivery of the Project: The final step is migrating to a live site and having a complete fully functioning website. 


The planning process can be an overwhelming task. Therefore, making sure that you know the right questions to ask before going through the process is crucial. Here are a few questions that we ask a client before diving into the web development process. 


  • What is the name / meaning of your business?
  • What is the purpose of the website and what are you trying to achieve?
  • What would be some of the successful outcomes of this website?
  • What functionalities and features would you like for the website to possess?
  • What problems is your business facing?
  • Is there a specific design that you are going for?


Although these are standard things to know before starting the process, these are important questions that can help answer what is necessary in order to build a successful web development project. 

Posted: Jul 22, 2019