How to Create an Effective Social Media Calendar

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with your business and tend to put social media on the back burner? From meetings to a new project to merely having too much on your plate, it can be challenging to come up with fresh content every-single-day. However, with the significant impact that social media can hold in store for your business, it can be highly beneficial to invest your time in social media. A 2019 study shows that there are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide, and this number is only growing. That equates to about 42% of the current population (Emarsys, 2019). Reaching your audience through the internet is essential for a company in today’s world, but who has the time to post everyday?


Having a Plan is Key

No worries, we’ve got just the solution. Creating a social media content calendar is the key to success. A social media content calendar is a way to pre-plan content for scheduled social media on various platforms throughout the year. Creating a calendar will save you time and allow you to analyze and test multiple social media strategies that work for your audience. 


Timing is Everything

Make sure to create an outline of developing content for a set amount of time. Once the timeline is set, begin filling in the blanks. Create a theme for each month and a sub-theme to accompany this will help direct your thinking and help to ease writer’s block. Now that you have the content, begin to manage your posting schedule. It can be hard to determine what are the best times to post in order to reach your target audience. Every audience is unique, which makes it vital to conduct and gain the best understanding of your target audience as you can. Making sure that you are tracking the success of your campaigns will be essential to determining which direction to continue with future post. 


Track Trends and Engage

Once a social media content calendar has been set, it is time to put it in action. There will be bumps in the road, and it will be essential to track trends, and current events along the way. You want your content to be relevant to what is going on in the world and community around you. For the duration of the time frame that you have created content for, you will have a consistent flow of content going through your social media platforms. This consistency will help you to connect with your audience daily and improve your overall engagement online.

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Posted: Sep 06, 2019