Top 10 Mobile Apps of 2019

Mobile apps have been at the forefront of modernization for a while. In order to stay ahead of the competition, it is vital to be mobile friendly and to create a unique mobile experience for your consumers. To gain more insight into successful mobile applications, we compiled a list of the top apps used this year in 2019. 



With over 500 million users and growing (, Instagram continues to create a unique consumer experience through images, videos, and hashtags. Instagram has consistently stayed up to date on trends and changing features to stay fresh and exciting since 2010. The app has various opportunities to grow a business through digital marketing and advertising tools.


Being recognized as the world’s leading social networking site and mobile app for years, makes Facebook a leading example for mobile apps throughout the industry. Facebook stays versatile by making sure that the app is useful for all major platforms, including IOS, Android, Blackberry, and many others. 


It is the leading cab transportation app, with over 91 million monthly active platform consumers and 3.9 million drivers ( The app utilizes secure payment methods by including gateways linked to the user’s credit or debit card and mobile wallets. In addition to secure payment methods, both the rider and driver rate each other and share their feedback on how their experience with one another went — creating a further unique experience for the user. 

Google Maps

Aside from being one of the most widely used mobile location and GPS tracking apps, Google map features go beyond basic navigation and also include address sharing, real-time traffic updates, lane guidance, and local place search. By offering more than one intended feature, google maps goes beyond what the app was primarily made for making it stand out among its competition. 


Amazon is the world’s most prominent eCommerce platform and for a good reason. Its mobile app features easy search and filter options leaving an endless variety of products at your fingertips. Another unique feature that sets it apart from other eCommerce platforms, is its tracking from shipment to delivery of the consumer’s order. This makes it highly convenient for consumers and one of the top apps in 2019.


This social networking app is only used through mobile applications making Snapchat incomparable against other mobile apps. This app allows users to chat with other users by sending messages, photos, short videos, and more. The message can only be viewed for a short amount of time and you may choose your exact audience, making this experience personal and a reason for being one of the top mobile apps used today. 


Netflix is an online video streaming service where you can watch movies, videos, TV shows, and other content provided through Netflix. They have even created their own content that is exclusively streamed by Netflix for Netflix. It is intriguing to download the mobile app to watch these services provided anywhere at any time on consumers smartphones. In the second quarter of 2019, Netflix had over 151 million paying streaming subscribers worldwide as well as over 6.56 million free trial customers. Of these subscribers, 60.1 million were from the United States( Many Millennials prefer Netflix to other video-on-demand apps due to its easy access and variety of movies and shows to watch. 


Whatsapp is known for its mobile communication. It creates a competitive edge by being able to support international phone networks. It includes features like video calling, audio calling, chat message deletion, emojis, and more.


One of the best music streaming apps with 217 million monthly active users of Spotify, according to the company’s official Q1 2019 report. Of these, 100 million were Spotify Premium subscribers ( The unique features of their mobile app makes it the fiercest in the music streaming market. Spotify allows offline mode for songs that will download when the user is unable to stream. 


YouTube, the largest video sharing platform on the planet, continues to thrive. The YouTube mobile app lets consumers subscribe to different channels, along with viewing friends’ activity and recommendations. According to, 25% of YouTube’s traffic is generated from mobile. Mobile video views have increased by 300% since 2012 and even continues to profit from YouTube through video ad revenue. 


The transition to mobile-friendly applications is highly crucial in today’s business world. A company needs to invest in mobile applications to improve engagement with its audience, stay ahead of the competition, and increase revenue. If you would like to learn more about creating success for your company through mobile apps, give us a call at 334-446-6149.

Posted: Dec 05, 2019