The Art of Storytelling & Advertising

“Storytelling is about connecting to other people and helping people to see what you see.” – Michael Margolis


Stories have captured our attention from childhood through adulthood. It is enticing to hear the rise, the fall, the exciting journeys, and the opportunity to explore the unknown. Although storytelling in business can seem like more of a concept rather than an actual tactic, it is one of the simplest and oldest forms of advertising. In today’s world, advertising to the public is highly competitive, making it increasingly difficult to compete against others. Telling your brand’s story through storytelling advertisements has become increasingly more critical in today’s industry. 

What is Storytelling in Advertising?

Since advertising has evolved, it is now in the hands of the consumer. Making sure that you are on the same page as your target audience is essential. When your audience becomes involved emotionally with the story, they will become more invested in your company. Once they become invested in the story, you form connections, create content marketing, help create marketing strategies, and revive the brand as a whole through storytelling. 

Keeping it Real

The key to great storytelling in advertising is to make sure that your story is as authentic to the brand as possible. It’s essential to rely on being authentic without any gimmicks. Being genuine will give your customers a sense of comfort in the honesty that portrays within the advertising. To add weight to your stories, it is also important to use imagery, with either an eye-catching logo or an engaging character. Stories can become more captivating for customers to read if they are visually appealing, as well. Connecting imagery to a story also helps with customers’ recall, which helps them draw the connection between the image and your brand and its story. 

Continue to Share 

Rethinking the way that we interpret data and understanding the consumer helps those in advertising to create more meaningful story content. This can help engage the audience in both emotional and logical levels. Today’s consumers can be found on various platforms. Therefore, the brand’s story needs to become seamlessly told across all channels, as well.  


These steps can help you to bring together storytelling and advertising in a way that will resonate with your audience. All of these factors will help your brand to create loyal customers and a long-lasting brand. If you would like help to tell your story and reach your customers through creative advertising, give us a call today to talk with one of our creative experts at 334.446.6149.


Posted: Dec 19, 2019