SMART GOALS : How to Make Your Goals Achievable

Successful businesses have clear goals to attain specific objectives. Yet, many businesses lack focus. Most business goals are too vague like “gain more business” or “increase sales.” Although these are reasonable goals, they are not SMART goals. 

A SMART goal is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound goals. We like to help customers reach their marketing and branding goals the SMART way. Using this method, we can track your business progress and see how our implemented arrangements can help your business grow to its highest potential.  

Be Specific.

As a professional, it is essential to use specific goal intentions when starting a new strategy. At PCP, we want to know what you want your business to achieve. Making sure to apply action words to your SMART goal helps us to set those goals into motion and will set your business on the right path.  

Have Measurable Goals.

SMART goals should be measurable. Setting a goal that can be measured will help you see the progression of your goal. We use several tools to help us track your progress whether it be more traffic to your website or to your social media accounts, we can help you reach those goals and show you exact configurations. We also do periodic data collections to help explain where you started, where you are, and where we predict your business to be. 

Aim for Realistic, Achievable Goals.

It is important to feel challenged when trying to reach a SMART goal, but making sure that your goal is defined enough to be achieved is just as essential. We can help you achieve the goals you have planned by providing the resources to help to improve your business. We can also help to refine your goals to make sure you are on the right track.

Be Relevant.

Having relevant SMART goals that relate to your company can help improve overall business and accounts for current trends in your industry. Making sure that what it is that you want to achieve makes sense for what is currently trending will only help you improve in your industry. We can help keep you in the loop by researching the latest trends and staying well versed through webinars, readings, and other various tools.

Include Timeframes and Deadlines.

Without a time constraint, there will be no sense of urgency or motivation to achieve the goal. We like to set deadlines for ourselves to help your projects move efficiently. It is important to us that you are driving along in your digital business goals, and we can help you to have dates in place for completion and evaluation. 


It’s a common misunderstanding for businesses to set themselves up for failure by setting unrealistic, vague goals with no sense of direction. SMART goals help to set your business up for success and push you towards achieving your goals. If you want help reaching your business goals, give us a call today at 334-446.6149. 


Posted: Jan 23, 2020