5 Web Design Trends for 2020

We live in a world where we are bombarded with different websites every single day. It can become increasingly more difficult to gain traffic to your website. We compiled a list of 5 trends that will help your website stay clear and uncluttered, along with great style to stay up to date in 2020. 


Dark Mode

Dark mode is a feature that turns your screen dark at night time. Due to the transition to dark mode on IOS, expect this trend to carry over into web design. It helps create a modern feel and sleek finish to any web design. Another perk of dark mode is that the contrast helps improve the visibility of other colors, creating a very dynamic layout. 

Plenty of Whitespaces

Designers have been gravitating towards a minimalistic design and making sure to have a clean and concise page within the past few years. By having additional white space, it gives each page a generous amount of space and helps to create a more structured frame and a sense of order that helps break down the different parts of a page.

Oversized Text

This applies to all types of web design from the bigger, more daring brand and fullscreen images, video, and even bigger icons. Due to the trend of minimalism in design, oversized and bold text are used to help key points stand out. Having a more significant type helps make content more intriguing and looks great on any screen size. 

3D Elements 

Although virtual reality is not common and extremely costly, hyper-realistic 3D is the next best thing to help create an immersive experience for your website. As the new year begins, expect to see lots of 3D drawings used in web page layouts to help captivate an audience. 

Minimalist Navigation

Due to the rise of smartphones and watches, many platforms must think smaller. When you create a minimalist navigation web design, you take out the difficulty of usability which creates a better user experience. 


As one decade comes to a close, web design trends are bringing new twists for 2020, as we’ve never seen before. We know that almost all trends that catch on will have a common objective: to enhance the user experience and have as minimalist navigation. If you would like to stay ahead of the web design game, give us a call today at 334.446.6149 and speak to one of our experts today! 


Posted: Jan 16, 2020