Predicted Consumer Trends Post COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the marketing world in more ways than one. It has especially changed consumer behaviors in a way we have never seen before that will have long-lasting implications on various brands for years to come. With the sudden shifts in today’s marketing world, there are both dangers and opportunities for marketers today. Take a look at these top 4 marketing trends that will most likely take off once the outbreak dials down. 

Brand Loyalty

As consumers change their behaviors and habits, there has been a shift in consumer mindsets from what I can purchase that is “trendy” to what is “reliable.” Showing brand loyalty will only increase post-pandemic and, unfortunately, will make it difficult for new brands to thrive in this new environment. 

Businesses should take this time to do extensive research on their target market and focus on the experience they can provide. They should also consider removing any additional new products or services that are unnecessary during this time. 

DIY Projects 

According to google trends “DIY,” search rankings have been on the rise and have reached their peak in popularity for the term since April 12, 2020. Consumers are using this time at home to learn new skills such as cooking, knitting, baking, and outdoor projects. Once the virus begins to dissipate, those new abilities will not. It is resulting in consumers being more self-reliant and continuing to purchase products that contribute to these related topics.

 Virtual Shift

Consumers are also moving to a more digitized behavior. Before the pandemic, the online grocery and food shopping statistics were relatively lower in the online shopping market. Now that many people are falling into a routine of online delivery, they will most likely continue beyond the coronavirus outbreak time frame. According to Smart Commerce, nearly 40 percent of current online grocery shoppers made the first online grocery purchase in March of 2020. 

This new trend of online conveniences has expanded beyond grocery shopping and into virtual telemedicine and online banking making brick and mortar a thing that can drastically change in the future. 

Supporting Local 

It has been an ongoing trend to support local businesses during this time. In many places around the country, it will become increasingly important to support small companies post-pandemic. Local businesses should take this time as an opportunity to invest in growing their online reputation through updating their websites, sending out emails, digital advertising, and staying current on their social media. Communities have a way of supporting those around them after catastrophes, and this will be no exception. 

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Posted: Apr 16, 2020