Communication Between Consumers and Brands

When you got out of bed this morning and brushed your teeth, poured yourself a fresh cup of coffee, looked at your social media feeds, and began your workday, did you stop to think about the brands you interacted with? The answer for many is most likely “no, not at all.” Yet, brands interact with us consistently every single day. How do brands use messaging to communicate in a way that’s not intrusive? The answer lies within the consumer. 

When choosing a messaging strategy, it comes down to the connection with your customer. According to a report from Braze and Forrester, 60% of brand experiences result in human-like connections. That’s important, considering that 57% of consumers say that human communication would increase their brand loyalty, and 58% say human communication would increase their likelihood of spending money with a given brand. So, how do you develop a personalized messaging strategy that will make the difference in your relationships with your consumers? 

Connect Through Email

Email tends to be the front running communication tool for customers and marketers alike. The latest statistics show that as many as 87 % of marketers use email marketing to distribute their content (Content Marketing Institute, 2019). This is a guaranteed way to reach your customers across the board and help build brand loyalty through personalized messages that can be customized to your customer. 


Text Messages Are Welcome 

Although email still reigns overall, preferences on communication vary by age group. In fact, 43% of millennials aged 21-29 prefer to receive order updates as text messages as well as mobile push notifications as text messages, compared to 28% of customers 60 years or older using text messaging as a form of communication. This is most likely due to younger generations and their use of smartphones. Marketers should seek permission to contact customers to utilize this customizable tool that maximizes engagement and trust. 


Chat With Chatbots

The majority of consumers try to resolve issues at their own accord. However, if a problem seems to go unresolved, 55% of millennials prefer to talk to a person to resolve a problem, compared with 72% of shoppers aged 60 or older. With the growing need for online marketing, having chatbots to help with simple requests can add that extra personalized flare that can help a consumer feel well taken care of and build a lasting relationship with the brand. 


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Posted: Nov 16, 2020