Black Friday 2020 

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving that has caused mass hysteria for decades in stores across America. From holiday shopping to new clothes, new gadgets and everything in between, Black Friday is one day only to get unbelievable deals. This infamous day gained its name allegedly because it is the first day that retailers have had so much business to get “out of the red” in their annual ledger and start making a profit. 

Although this day has become a holiday tradition for many, this year it may look slightly different. Many stores may be closed, fully open, or somewhere in between and consumer comfort levels will vary. With the holiday season right around the corner, there is a whole new set of considerations to keep in mind as marketers. Building trust and confidence by having good communication with your customers will make all the difference. 

Optimize Options

The first consideration is that there is a real fear of in-store shopping this year. In fact, we can kiss these peak shopping days, line out the door, people camping out, mad dash days goodbye. 

It’s important to meet customers where they are. Many companies have transitioned to a better e-commerce set up, which has ultimately kept them in business. They can also add the option for curbside pickup or pick up in-store to optimize their sales. By reframing distribution, you can reassure your customers of decreased viral exposure but availability to still shop with your business. To continue to reduce the stress that many customers have, marketers need to improve their messaging and work with brands to improve their fulfillment capabilities. 

Improve Messaging 

It’s important to make sure communication with customers is informative, precise and as close to real-time as possible. Having clear communication can help avoid any confusion and prepare customers for any in-store interaction, including promotions of temperature scans, limited capacity and mask rules. This way, customers know what to expect upon arrival. Making sure that you reach customers through social media and other various platforms is essential to making sure things run smoothly.


Stay Flexible 

Keep things flexible. This year, it is essential to remain flexible and roll with the punches. It will be challenging to distribute certain items that typically only took a few days to now taking up to two weeks to be delivered. Stay in contact with your customers and let them know that you have not forgotten about them. With a well-planned marketing strategy, you can encourage people to make purchases, but you can significantly reduce customers’ frustrations if things do not go according to plan.

All signs seem to indicate that 2020 may not be the year for doorbuster deals and mad dashes for hot-ticket items. Black Friday will continue with a few adjustments, and the sooner marketers begin implementing their marketing strategies, the better off they will be.

Posted: Nov 20, 2020