Social Media Marketing

You have a lot on your plate. Managing your brand on several social media platforms can be a challenge on its own. We totally understand. 

 However, having a sophisticated social media strategy doesn’t have to take hours at a time. In fact, once you learn what works for each of your platforms, your strategy should implement a great structure that will lead to ultimate online success.  

Different Channels, Different Times

Your Audience is Active at Different Times

If you are sharing content for your brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., all at the same time, you’re likely missing out on critical reach on new leads. That’s because the time you are most likely to reach your Twitter followers isn’t necessarily the same time your Instagram followers are active online. There is an ideal time to post to each.

You’re Posting for Different Audiences

You are most likely speaking to a different demographic on each platform. For example, according to Sprout Social, 75% of Instagram users are between 18 and 24 years old. Whereas, 44% of LinkedIn users are 25–30 year-olds. Users that find your brand through Instagram may be significantly different from the person that saw you through LinkedIn. By changing the times you post each day and your messaging, you have a better chance to speak directly to that particular platform’s audience. 

Content Overload 

Your brand may have repeat followers connected with you on multiple platforms. With that being said, when you post on all social media platforms at the exact same time, your audience has now seen your content many times on various apps and you may come across as annoying. If you do this to your followers numerous times as well, it may result in them hitting that unfollow button. 

 It Appears Unprofessional 

When posting to social media all at once, there is a higher chance of mistakes being made. Content does not appear the same across all platforms. For example, each channel has various dimensions of requirements for images and videos. Meaning if you did not plan, your vision may appear stretched or out of focus, or your video may not upload because it does not meet the time requirements. Ultimately, this can make your brand appear lazy and not fully understand what you are doing. 


Having a sophisticated social media presence begins with taking time to craft a social media marketing plan that gives your brand a good understanding of who your audience is and how that audience is different on each social media channel. Taking a look at each platform’s analytics and implementing a plan on posting will make a significant impact on your social media presence. If you are interested in setting your business up for success with the best social media strategy, give us a call today to get started at 334-446-6149.

Posted: Jan 06, 2021