Listening in Advertising

A successful campaign requires much expertise, including copywriting, graphic design, and project management. However, there is one skill that many do not utilize when creating new strategies, and that is listening. With the digital age continuing to heighten our impatience, it gives us even more reason to advance our listening skills to set ourselves, our business, and our advertising strategies up for success. 

Poor Listening Leads to Bad Advertising 

The purpose of advertising and marketing is to influence others’ perceptions and behaviors. However, many miss the mark because they ineffectively listen to their customers before developing their campaign. Jumping in without taking the time to get to know your customers can lead to a crafted message that makes no connections with your targeted audience. This ultimately leads to a significant loss in market share. 

Listening Becomes Understanding 

Many businesses attempt to listen to their customers by investing in customer satisfaction and market research. This is the start to the right approach; however, listening is more than the ability to hear what others are saying. It’s about being curious about others’ motives and desires. Contrary to popular belief, the best listeners are those who ask questions that promote insight. Sitting in silence and nodding does not provide enough evidence that one is listening.    

Advertising professionals must create the best messages and images that get people interested in what they have to say and things that people will remember. To do this well, you must know what drives your customers. 

Successful Campaigns have Exceptional Listeners

Recognizing human emotion behind a person’s words is a sure way to create authentic campaigns that give real meaning to an audience. To ensure your audience knows that they have been heard, it is important to show them that their opinions have shaped or influenced your company’s decisions.  

Your advertising and marketing campaigns will gain authentic engagement when your message resonates with your target audience if you hone your skills as a listener and implement action.  


Set your business apart with the ability to absorb insights and allow that to drive your strategy. If you’d like more insight on how to listen to your customers better, contact our team today at (334) 446-6149.

Posted: Jan 25, 2021