Why You Should Take Advantage of Summer Advertising

Suns Out, Ads Out! 

Summertime = screen time! With school out of session, people taking vacation time, and other seasonal workers, everyone is on their phones a little more than they normally would be. It’s a great time to take advantage of audience engagement and capture those conversions. Whether it’s through social media, digital ads, or other mediums, your ads and marketing efforts are sure to reach audiences that are otherwise preoccupied during other times of the year. 

Build Up Momentum

The benefit to advertising in the summertime is that your company can begin building excitement and momentum for the festive seasons ahead like back-to-school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It’s important for marketers not to break the momentum and maintain consistency. You’ve built a strong marketing strategy, so why not keep moving instead of starting from scratch when the cooler months approach? Don’t lose time connecting with the audience you worked hard to build and retain. 

Steal the Sunlight 


Don’t be afraid to steal a little sunlight. Some of your competitors may stop their marketing efforts during the summer months. Use this to your advantage and ramp up your camping efforts. This will allow your business to potentially dominate your given industry when others are going dark. 

Try Something New

Last but not least, your audience’s behavior changes during the summer. Use this chance to try something new and take a creative risk. If it’s successful, add it to your mix. If it is not, don’t  sweat it. Make sure to keep your eye out for other exciting life events and major holidays during the summer months such as graduations, Independence Day, and Labor Day. 

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Posted: Jun 17, 2022