Chattahoochee Valley Community College

Chattahoochee Valley Community College’s mission is to promote student success and is committed to enriching its community by offering accessible quality and engaging educational opportunities. To align with their mission, they needed a new website that reflected just that.

Why Did CVCC Need a Revamp? did not deliver in promoting the college’s mission. The homepage failed to engage aspiring students and left many confused in finding more information about the enrollment process and current offerings. Their website also lacked a unified digital experience and an overall updated look.

Our Process

Our goal for Chattahoochee Valley Community College was to create a website that was easier to navigate, more mobile-friendly, and had a cohesive clean look. In today’s society, the majority of users view websites on their cell phones instead of desktops. We knew if we reinvited the user flow to appeal directly to our key audience, potential students, the rest would come. With a clear target, we created a new website that tells the CVCC story with a strong student-centered value proposition built on a foundation of service and quality education. It provides compelling reasons for right-fit students to choose Chattahoochee Valley Community College.

The Results

The clean, intuitive website is easier for users to navigate and entices potential students to look into attending CVCC. Being able to access the right information at the right time is important. It is much easier to contact a staff member whether you are a first-time student, looking to enroll or are in your final year.
PushCrankPress enjoyed working with CVCC to bring them a website that follows their mission in offering accessible, quality and engaging educational opportunities while effectively reaching their target audience through a comprehensive and seamless website refresh. To learn more about our web development and design services, give us a call at 334.446.6149.

Posted: May 24, 2022