3 Tips to Create Loyal Consumer Relationships

In today’s world, using technology for your ad target is part of a marketer’s job. Another essential part of a marketer’s job is to maintain consumer relationships. A Harvard Business Review report from 2014 says that gaining a new customer is five to 25 times more expensive than keeping an existing customer. Loyalty programs are valuable because they allow you to keep the current consumer. However, most consumers expect something in return for their loyalty. Here are three ways to create and maintain loyal consumer relationships.


Convert Invisibles to Loyalists

Many brands start with anonymous consumers who aren’t sharing data. However, there’s a deeper connection once the consumer feels things are going well with the brand. The digital invisibles, whose data is somewhat known to a brand, might share their email address for a first-time customer discount or even a Wi-Fi password. These consumers aren’t diving in completely. Then, there are the loyalists, who participate and spend more than others. To convert the Invisibles to loyalists, they will need incentives and tweaks in programs to increase participation. Some major marketers, such as Papa John’s, now offer points five times faster than they used to. Dominos gave away points to members who submitted photos of pizza, even from competing chains, to boost their awareness.

Personalize and Track

To obtain regular communication, brands need to collect enough consumer information. This means more than just asking for a phone number and email at checkout. Consumers are often willing to share personal data to receive something they see as valuable. When they share their data, brands can see what their consumers are interested in. Therefore, they can personalize messages.

Sign-Up Process and Rewards Matter

If you want consumers to come back for more, make the loyalty signup process rewarding, simple and quick. It is also important to give consumers choices. For example, Starbucks lets its members redeem as few as 25 stars for add-in options such as an extra shot of espresso.


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Posted: Aug 23, 2023