6 Low-Cost and Free Ways to Advertise

It is always helpful for businesses to save money when working on a campaign or promoting a product. Many ways of promoting, advertising, and publicity cost little or nothing. Below are some examples of low or no-cost advertising.

Google Business Profile

Creating a free Google Business profile is free. If you create a profile complete with photos, offers, reviews, and more, you can convert those who find you on Google and Google Maps into customers.

Social Media Posts

Take the time and effort to share content on your company’s social media profiles, such as Facebook and Instagram. You will cultivate engagement from your followers and subscribers, therefore creating more loyal customers. This content can include page posts, videos, stories and more.

Paid Social Media Posts

There is always the option of paying other social media channels and accounts to use and review your products for the followers and subscribers to see. This is a great way to reach a broader range of your target audience.

Customer Reviews

Reviews are vital to driving sales and building trust in your brand. You may risk receiving bad reviews, but no reviews are worse. Be vigilant in monitoring your reviews and professionally respond to any negative reviews.

Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a smart way for your current customers to introduce you to new customers. Another plus of gift cards and certificates is that you get paid upfront.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising because your audiences and customers have opted-in to receive your offers and updates. It is also cost-effective and easy to target messages to different audiences.

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Posted: Sep 01, 2023