Social Media Marketing For Small Business

Create a Plan 

  1. Make sure to start by creating social media goals and objectives by using the SMART framework. Your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Having this outlook will make it easier to achieve those set goals. 
  2. Research the competition and see what they are doing with their social media. You never want to copy the competition but, taking mental notes on what they are doing well can help you learn from their success and failure.
  3. Look for inspiration. Take inspiration from other successful businesses in various industries. Researching successful social media campaigns can only help your business grow to its best potential. 
  4. Create a social media calendar. Make sure that you are creating the right content for the right social channels to be posted at the correct times. It is highly essential to consider the 80/20 rule when creating content. 80% of your post should be to inform and entertain your audience, and 20% should promote your brand. 

Choose the Best Platforms

Never assume that your audience will concentrate on one platform over another without the research. Make sure to compile the demographic that you are targeting and to put your efforts into reaching that audience. You must always keep in mind that demographics are just a general overview, and you must also include research of your own. 

Know Your Audience

After choosing which platforms to utilize and in which session, you must then compile new data and dig more in-depth with your social media analytics. Tracking what your audience is using and the time of day is essential to forming a strategic plan. Once you start to develop a more in-depth picture of your audience, you can then begin to interact with them.  

Expand your Target Audience 

Once you have done your research and gained a better understanding of the target audience, it becomes easier to cater to their needs. It’s time to take a look outside of your audience and try to reach more people. Try to find common interests and find a similar look-alike target audience when you expand. Run several trials and errors on different platforms and see which performs best and continue to grow from there. 

Use the Right Tools

You must be using the right tools to continue to measure your company’s performance. Continue to track the analytics of your social efforts overall to understand how your efforts are performing. Make sure that you continue to stand out among the competition with an outstanding visual identity. Your graphics need to be eye-catching and continue to entice others to stay engaged. Be sure to carry on with good content. It can be challenging to have constant content curation. However, it is crucial to have good quality content that others would like to share and engage.

Revisit and Revise 

As you continue to build on your social strategy, it is essential to keep an eye on your performance. As you implement your strategic plan, you can continue to use A/B testing, and make small improvements to increase your success over time. All of these steps take time and require a large amount of effort. If you would like to learn more about creating successful Social Media Marketing or need a Brand New Idea, give us a call at 334-446-6149.

Posted: Jan 08, 2020