Continued Social Distancing and Adapting 

Every business has had to shift its focus to adapt to the constant change we face in our world today. We have put together a few tips to help bridge the gap between business and their customers and what companies should keep in mind as they continue to shift their focus.  


With people continuing to work from home, it’s essential to keep cybersecurity in mind. The remote workforce should be made aware of how to keep sensitive information safe and secure. Sending email reminders to employees about best practices and reminding them to keep work and personal devices separated to help maintain security is important.

Branded Product

Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts are all being utilized for virtual meetings. This has resulted in athleisure work “outfits” that are now dominating the online sales market. Now that many companies are potentially staying in place indefinitely, businesses are beginning to adapt to branding t-shirts, masks, and other various everyday items that help brand their company while staying at home.  

Virtual Presence

In what is likely to be the effects of the widespread shutdown, people are still not venturing out to physical locations to shop. Many companies are continuing to combat this by investing in their online marketing and branding efforts. Eye-catching logo designs, easy to navigate websites and social media engagement are becoming essential to staying relevant and competitive in today’s market. 

E-commerce Options

One thing became clear during the pandemic. Businesses who have e-commerce capabilities have the advantage over their competitors who do not. Now, most businesses have realized this and redirect their focus to a more user-friendly online platform. It will become increasingly important for websites to include e-commerce capabilities and to increase online customer engagement. 

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Posted: Jun 23, 2020