What Makes a Good Logo Great?

Creating or rebranding your logo might not seem like a top priority. But not having a logo, or even having a bad logo, can be costly to your business. “Maybe you don’t even need a logo,” a little voice may be saying to you. DO NOT listen to that voice. Having a logo is a massive part of having a successful business. 

What does your logo communicate about your business? How does it stand the test of time, and how can I stand out among my competition with a logo? We are here to answer these questions and give a quick overview of what makes a good logo great.  

The Function of a Logo

In order to understand what even makes a logo good, you must first understand that logo design is about strategy. Great logo strategies are the perfect tools for attracting your target audience and communicating your brand to your customers. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed while pinpointing a distinct logo to encompass all that your business represents. However, with the right branding goals and strategies, your logo will showcase your business and attract your audience for years to come. 

The Visual Elements

Many can identify hundreds of logos at a glance. The most recognizable logos usually consist of good typography, graphics, and color schemes. Your logo will set your business up for success with good brand research and logo design principles to optimize these elements. 


Simplicity is linked to memorability. Logos with too much going on can be distracting to viewers and challenging to recognize. To avoid this, your logo must be concise with its brand messaging by creating legible fonts, minimalist shapes and spare detail.


Logos are a symbol that customers recognize and that ideally, people to connect with instantly. Using certain design elements that fall outside the current trends is a way to create a strong visual impact. Your brand should have a unique story that will be the driving force for your logo and help leave a lasting impression.  


It’s not enough for your logo to look good today. It must continue to look good for years to come. For a timeless logo, avoid modern-day trends for their own sake but instead focus on quality based on market research. While many famous businesses adjust or tweak their logos to keep up with the modern era, you can still recognize the brand regardless. 


The point of a logo is that you can use it practically anywhere, so it is a crucial characteristic of a great logo. The design should be suitable for different platforms for every scale and shape. 

Every Business Deserves a Great Logo 

A strong logo can have a significant impact on your business. It can help your business grow by grabbing the attention of others and making a strong first impression. It ultimately leads to standing out among the competition. A strong logo is also the foundation of your brand identity and fosters brand loyalty within your customers base.

Now that you know what qualities to look for in excellent logo design and would like to work with some of our excellent designers to help execute your vision, contact us today at 334.446.6149.

Posted: Dec 16, 2020