How to Respond to Customer Reviews

Responding to customer reviews can create a dialogue and show customers that you value their feedback. It’s vital to build your review marketing strategy to increase your recommendations and brand voice. Here are a few tips that we like to implement here at PushCrankPress when it comes to responding to customer reviews. 


Be Timely 

Going that extra mile and responding to a Google or Facebook review can be a great driver for business, but if you wait too long to send a reply, you may have lost the lead already. There is nothing worse than filing a complaint and then not receiving a response from the company. Whether the review is positive or negative, always respond to reviews in a prompt manner. Your audience will appreciate seeing your brand make the effort to address issues rather than ignoring them. 


Be Authentic

The internet can be a crazy place- but if you are reading this, you probably already know that! Keeping this in mind it can be tempting to respond to a negative customer review in a defensive or frustrating manner, especially if the reviewer is an internet troll or trying to spin a story. It’s important to remain calm, cool, and collected when replying to customers publicly and trying to smooth over the situation. Be authentic in your thanks to positive testimonials and as understanding as possible to more negative ones.

Take it Offline

While it is important to respond to reviews publicly so your audience can see you’re making the effort to connect, there may be some discussion that is better suited for a private conversation. If a customer’s review involves personal information, financial information, or medical history, it is best practice to take the conversation offline. 

By doing this small service, you can reap big rewards and gain some loud internet cheerleaders. Just remember to thank your reviewer, be timely, be authentic and take as much as you can offline. Happy responding! 

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Posted: May 05, 2022